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A Little Fairy Controversy

Some of us can be a little opinionated when it comes to our creative endeavors. Even in the cheerful, sunny world of Fairy Gardening there is dissention at times.

I know of one group, for example, that gets bent out of shape about the true meaning of Miniature Gardening and what qualifies as an authentic miniature plant. They look down their noses at all the Fairy nonsense as they create beautiful, proper miniature landscapes and lay perfectly even rows of tiny pavers.

On the opposite pole are those who are just giddy over Fairy magic and pixie dust. They'll use any plant in their Mini Gardens, as long as it has cute leaves and the right color. Who cares if it gets overgrown some day? That's what trimmers are for!

My friends, these are all "more what you’d call ‘guidelines’ than actual rules.” (This is a movie quote, kids! See below)

As long as you have created an environment that makes your plants happy, and everything else about your Miniature Garden makes you happy, then you have done it right.

I have another matter of opinion that I would love to get some feedback on from readers. There are many who believe that Fairy Gardens are created to entice Fairies to come and live in them. Items are put there to make Fairies feel welcome, and it would not make sense to put in a "fake" Fairy.

Others feel a Miniature Garden looks empty and lifeless without a Fairy and her friends placed in it to tell a story.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Thanks!

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