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There is no rule about Miniature Gardens having to be in a container, so it's time to think outside the pot! Build Mini Gardens into your existing landscapes and gardens. Imagine your tiny garden peeping out of your herbs or surrounded by perennials.

Succulents are definitely trending right now, but be sure that they have the same needs for light and water as the other plants you may be placing them with. Alternatively, check with your garden center for miniature or compact nursery stock, mini flowering plants and green plants such as miniature ivies or ferns.

Remember to use your existing landscape to your advantage. A fairy door such as this is built into a tree trunk or roots. It can be left as is, or can be expanded and built upon for hours of outdoor enjoyment. It is up to you whether you prefer to make a simple statement with a single fairy, woodland animal or mushroom, or whether you want to tell a story with houses, furnishings, hardscapes or even lights.

Many Fairy Garden accessories are delicate and should be placed where they are protected from the elements. These items can usually be sprayed with a matte finish acrylic spray, which helps to protect them. Decorations such as logs and bridges designed for fish aquariums can work well and handle the weather.

A couple of the great things about having your Miniature Garden in the shade are that it's more comfortable, especially for children, to work (and play) with the Fairy Garden and also, it affords the possibility of growing real moss and ferns.

Creating a Miniature Garden is a fun and gratifying activity, best managed with care. It is a great project to do with children. There is no real way to go wrong, as long as your plants are happy and you are happy with the way it looks. Don't be surprised if you find yourself adding on or making new Mini Gardens. It can be a bit addictive!

Follow our Blog for lots of helpful information on Miniature Gardens. Feel free to email or call with any questions you might have. We're here to help! HAPPY SPRING!

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